The consortium includes a wide variety of stakeholders in the fitness sector and the education sector that possess the skills and competencies required to ensure that the work programme can be undertaken efficiently, effectively and professionally. This includes VET providers, health and fitness awarding bodies, universities, national fitness associations, trade unions, fitness registers, employer organizations, sport organizations, etc. We have currently a network of 19 core partners and 59 associated partners covering 27 countries!
University of Rome coordinates the project, with the support of FIAF for the technical program. CYQ, Innopole and MEHFA already have e-learning platforms and with EOSE which evaluate the state of the art in e-learning. FIAF, NTC, ESDRM and LKKA are accredited Vet providers that guide the theoretical and practical contents in the creation of the e-learning platform. CYQ, as awarding agency, evaluates and ensures that the contents meet the EQF Fitness minimum standards. These VET providers with SUS, Ovidius University, IIDCA, Comenius University, etc. translate the platforms to their national languages and supply the participants in the testing phase. The existing register of exercise professionals, UK-REPS, guides the implementation of the EU standard National Register Platform, which is translated into the national languages and tested. The website and the other IT-related services are managed by Caspur. University of Rome, with its technical experience and expertise creates the tools in line with the current trends and collaborates with TISIP, a research centre specialised in ICT and e-learning.

Partners and Associate Partners