Project Summary and Objectives

The main objectives of the eLF project are:
  1. to create a European training system for e-learning in fitness to cover the minimum standards for both the theory (knowledge) and the practical skills and competencies
  2. to create a platform for an interactive national professional register which will collaborate with other international registers.
The e-learning courses and register will be translated into the languages of the project members. This project proposes the creation of a system of training and qualification, based on EQF - the European Qualification Framework - in the fitness industry, aiming at a permanent institution of a National Register of Certifications in 14 European countries. A long term target is to improve health hence the quality of life to all the people possibly involved in fitness activities: almost everybody, if this is done by qualified instructors, and paying attention to individual needs. The chain value that we have devised in our project connects:
  • decades of accumulated international experience of people dedicated to the education of fitness educators, with strong contacts to national health authorities; quality (and quantity) of fitness instructors, whose profiles could be further improved by a sustainable action;
  • awareness for current and future fitness practitioners of the importance of good practice of physical health by pursuing individual goals - not just absolute excellence, involving only a few;
  • e-Learning and other information-based technologies and methodologies, with a pervasive penetration and a mature methodology;
  • a network of qualified instructors, with national and international visibility relying upon social community channels, and publicly available official registries.