WP3. Technology Platform

Coordinator: UniRoma1, IT


WP3 is devoted to the technology platform for eLearning and for the pilot National Registers. We will adopt a Content Management System (CMS), a mature web technology able to support the complex of activities of the whole project. Actually, both coordination and cooperation activities will be significantly based on web resources, as a pivot for the required actions, that include: exchanging documents, supporting development of adequate contents, allowing the various partners and users to provide services for each other, according to their respective roles. These activities have to be carried out in many countries, by a large set of non-technical end-users.


Our solution for eLearning will rely on a Learning Management Systems (LMS), that is, an application able to support the organization and delivery of courses via internet; supported activities include: building courses as collections of instructional material, enrolment of learners, timely delivery of the material, support to the authoring. We will adopt standards for e-learning (such as SCORM) to develop instructional materials (Learning Objects - LOs) and serve them to the learner, through LMSs. From a purely technical point of view, that is the main one of WP3, defining and managing a Registry by itself in its basic functionalities requires, as in many projects of this kind, good professional skills and experience: a solid definition of its architecture, sound choice of technologies and development environments, skilled technicians. The coordination with the other units in all the involved countries will be maintained, in full compliance with the national and international regulations and standards. Tight coordination will be maintained with the work packages that develop contents, or exploit web-based services more explicitly, namely: WP4 (devoted to the development of e-learning contents), WP5 (testing elearning), WP6 (Pilot National registers), WP8 (Dissemination).