WP6. Pilot exercise register

Coordinator: REPS, UK


to create and test a pilot Exercise Register platform referred to EQF-Fitness


This WP will be divided in two parts: 1. Development of the Exercise Register contents The European prototype developed in WP 2 will be reviewed and discussed by the WP team and the results then extended to all core and associated partners in an online conference for feedback. The final agreed version will be translated, as needed, into the national languages. This part of the WP constitutes the basis for WP3. 2. Testing of the pilot exercise register Core partners that tested the elearning (WP5) and do not have a national register will test ELF pilot register. These partners will assess the participants and those who will successfully complete the examination procedure will be admitted to the pilot national register. The partners who already have a register will discuss the results and will evaluate how to exploit ELF results to improve the quality of their registers and favour the information exchange among the registers. This WP will be based on a participatory design. Associated partners as Qualicert that take care of Exercise Register in Germany and ILAM that can bring its expertise with the Irish register will actively participate. The monitoring and evaluation of the work undertaken within this WP will be covered in WP7 and disseminated in WP8.