WP9. Exploitation activities

Coordinator: CYQ, UK


As of the end of the second year, all partners will propose an exploitation plan for ELF that will focus on the advertisement of: 1. the elearning compendium; 2. the elearning platform that will favour the knowledge and the exploitation of EQF at European level; 3. the pilot national registers that will allow the recognition of the fitness instructor qualifications with reference to EQF.


The exploitation activities will facilitate the implementation of the ELF results by the potential users in their contexts. In order to obtain publicity and greater outreach, the ELF members will seek to strengthen their network in a sustainable way by seeking cooperation with stakeholders. The exploitation of ELF is related to WP5 (elearning testing). WP5 favours the exploitation of ELF outcomes in Europe, favouring at least 300 beneficiaries. The ELF team will keep in touch with the beneficiaries beyond the life of the project, enlarging the target groups of potential elearning participants. The ELF exploitation will be favoured by the final conference where a network of stakeholders and fitness experts will be created. The ELF exploitation beyond the lifetime of the project will be favoured by the creation of a permanent consortium that will manage the platform, updating it and allowing new members to adhere to it, contributing to its further development, and increasing the number of participants who will benefit from elearning. This permanent consortium will promote the adoption of the pilot national registers and their implementation as the recognized official national registers for Fitness professionals.