WP4. Development of e-learning contents

Coordinator: FIAF, IT


1. To develop a standard European elearning platform for fitness instructors which adheres to EQF fitness minimum standards; 2. To favour the acquisition of the minimum standard level of EQF Fitness for all fitness instructors throughout Europe in line with the recommendation to relate their national qualifications systems to the EQF by 2010 and to ensure that all qualifications all new qualifications issued from 2012 carry a reference to the appropriate EQF level; 3. To create an application that can be used by all learning centres of the consortium and can be extended to all other learning centres as needed.


This WP will concern the development of the elearning contents: a. Develop theoretical and practical learning contents based on EQF minimum standards for the following modules: 1. Knowledge, 2. Exercise to music, 3. Fitness (weightroom and cardiofitness), 4. Aquafitness, 5. Personal training. b. Development of learning materials: e-manual and graphics, audiovisual material and internet bibliography. Each module will be developed by two core partners and reviewed by the entire WP team. c. Develop questions for entry level, self-evaluations and final testing. Each WP team partner will develop one question per EQF learning outcome. These will be examined and at least 3 questions will be chosen per learning outcome for use in the platform. d. Translation of the platform into national languages. Each core partner nation, as needed, will translate the platform into the national language. This WP constitutes the basis for WP3. The monitoring and evaluation of the work undertaken within this WP will be covered in WP7 and disseminated in WP8.