WP7. Elf evaluation

Coordinator: CERES, IT


to help the team reflect on the project development in order to determine what works and what needs to be improved in accordance with the users' needs. The Project Quality Plan will put mechanisms in place to assess the effectiveness of the project and its single phases, addressing key aspects from its initial proposal to ensuring that the objectives and deadlines are met and appropriate dissemination/exploitation is being achieved.


The evaluation process through the Quality Plan is expected to take place during the lifetime of the project and its activities: from the initial planning and forecasting, to the implementing, delivery, dissemination and exploitation stages. The evaluation process will be structured in an evaluation of the project management made by the partnership and an evaluation of the project outcomes made by Ceres together with the participation of external experts. The evaluation made by all partnership will be implemented with periodical questionnaires (every 6 months). It will analyse different dimensions concerning the project processes: - Project management and financial issues (critical issues and constructive suggestions). - Internal communication fluxes (critical issues and constructive suggestions). - Role of the partners of the consortium (critical issues and constructive suggestions). Particular attention will be given to the functioning of the partnership, its reflexive capability and the ongoing adaptation of the project. - Quality of the project outputs (critical issues and constructive suggestions). - Quality of the meetings. The evaluation of the project outcomes will aim at evaluating and adapting the project outputs to suggestions given by elearning and fitness experts involved in the subjects of the study. Virtual tools will be used to discuss the internal evaluation issues and the ELF outcomes of the project.